“10 years ago I stumbled across Bikram yoga when attending a class that was suggested to me by a colleague. I instantly fell in love with the method as I found it hugely beneficial physically and even more so mentally. Bikram provides a unique method of experience that I hadn’t found in any other endeavour. It enables me to ‘close down’ mentally, be at one with myself and to escape the rigours of modern living.
To have Kate as an instructor further enhances my experiences. Her knowledge of Bikram and her ‘astute eye’ enables those who she instructs to maximise the benefits that Bikram offers. I practice Bikram whenever my schedule affords me the opportunity and consider it an essential piece in my jigsaw of wellbeing.”

“When I found ‘The Sweat Life with Kate’ I felt blessed. I was returning to Bikram Yoga after a long while because I needed strength, core focus and self belief.

At The Sweat Life I have found these things and I am hooked. Kate is an extremely talented, supportive and welcoming teacher. She has a genuine interest in all her attendees practice. She is approachable and encouraging to all irrespective of ones yoga capabilities.
I have especially liked Kate’s studio due to its small class numbers where your practice can be guided by Kate’s gentle assistance. The room is clean, mats and practice towels hygienically supplied as well as the ambience appropriate and comfortable.

The Sweat Life is a delight and a must for anyone wanting to peruse Bikram.
The Sweat Life really is sweet..”

“About 10 years ago, I was looking for a new type of yoga, after I had tried few different styles mainly with slow movements including Sun Salutations. Originally yoga attracted me because of its meditation. At that time I was busy with work and having a lot of stressful days, so I wanted to relax and unwind my mind. The yoga I tried definitely had benefits, however the more I got into it, the stronger I felt that something was missing.
One day, “hot yoga” came up. Although I had no idea what to expect, I tried anyway. Surprisingly, it gave me the most amazing feeling I ever had. At the end of the exercise, blood circulation came back and softened muscles around the shoulders and neck which had been hardened for many years by the driving and computer works.

The experience changed my life. I knew straight away that this was going to be my exercise. This yoga would give me the strength of both mentally and physically which I was looking for. During the course, my mind always fights against the weakness, at the same time my body improves flexibility and postures. It takes one and a half hours to complete, so needs some effort to do that though, the satisfaction has kept me going.

After I came to NZ, I found out that the “hot yoga” I had done in Japan was actually called Bikram yoga. Then I met Kate who is the most passionate about teaching Bikram yoga. Like everyone especially who lives in Christchurch, we all have one or two bumps in our lives, including her. But she has never stopped and given up teaching yoga. It’s just not an option for her. Her endless contribution to Bikram yoga became one of the reasons why I continue Bikram yoga today.

From now on, my aim is to keep doing this great yoga as long as I live. Hopefully I can reach at least the age of 80 with my body well and mobile by the result of Bikram yoga.”

“My sessions with Kate over the past two years have transformed my body and helped me through a lot. She is highly skilled, dedicated and totally present teacher who makes the hard yards so much fun.”

“Kate’s sessions are an absolute delight to be part of. She has the most wonderful personable approach to exercise which is both fun and very informative. Her extensive knowledge in the practice of Bikram yoga along with her background as a fitness trainer ensures I always get the complete work out of the mind, body and soul. I always leave feeling refreshed and energised.
Attending her classes has completely revolutionised how I approach my exercise routine to become a stronger and more centred person, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

“Four years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about Bikram Yoga and didn’t have a specific motivation to learn. I was introduced to Kate and her practice purely by accident – it started as a social outing with a friend and has turned into a part of my life I couldn’t cope without.
Four years ago, I couldn’t touch my toes. And I didn’t have much motivation to reach further. But one Bikram class with Kate quickly led to another. I went from having no interest in yoga to thinking, why did I wait so long to make this part of my life?

Kate’s style of teaching challenged us to find the best in ourselves. She was inspiring and approachable and convinced us all that we could only get better and better.

Her calm was contagious and the practice became about so much more than posture and flexibility, but making time for myself. Time to be still.

In our busy lives Bikram has never been so powerful; and Kate’s practice has never been so inspiring.

Wherever Kate goes, we will follow. Always trying to be better, and grateful for a teacher who believes that we can be.”

“I am so grateful to Kate for creating the exquisite yoga space at the Sweat Life with K8. The beauty and tranquility of this space and gentle healing energy that infuses Kate’s teaching are potent catalysts that enrich, enliven and empower each person lucky enough to have found their way to her. I have practiced Bikram Yoga for many years and Kate’s highly personalised teaching, attention to alignment, commitment and support has truly transformed my practice.”
“I have been practicing yoga for around 10 years now. I started practicing Bikram’s Method with Kate nearly 2 years ago. Her passion for what she believes in is inspirational. This practice has enabled me to open a door inside myself which I never knew existed. A door that has lead me to a peaceful place where I can breathe no matter what circumstance I might find myself in. I have been blessed to have Kate’s caring guidance to assist me on my journey to be the best I can be, and for that I am forever grateful.”
“Bikram yoga brings us each the gift of body awareness. I love Kate’s intergrated approach to health, nutrition and yoga. It is an aid to help us all heal and keeps us moving on our own unique journey. These combined with a lovely boutique studio, centrally located, plus small class sizes and flexible class times makes ‘The Sweat Life’ a winner.
“I have been attending Bikram Yoga with kate for more than 6 years, where I met Kate and followed her class until today. I feel that I am very lucky to found Bikram Yoga as by doing this, I have stayed away from my physiotherapy all the time. I like Kate as she is a friendly, professional teacher, who sharing her passion in Yoga with us! Kate is also very caring for me, was very supportive when I was experiencing a health challenge, I am very appreciated. I enjoyed the Bikram Yoga and this has become a part of my life. I am very keen to recommend my family/friends as I believe doing this would greatly benefit our/their lives. Thanks Kate”