Mindful • Movement

My teaching style is athletic, strong, empowering, and infused with my desire to affect a deeper change. Having taught for years, my belief in the benefits of Bikram’s Method of Yoga has only grown and a lot of what I'm trying to teach is to find peace through strength and opening up a space to allow that to happen.
This practice provides an opportunity to build a powerful connection between body, mind and breath. We use the body, to go in, peel back the layers of our own wellbeing, in a challenging and transformative way… we heal, we release and we find strength. The point is to make you leave feeling like you have done something amazing for yourself. The same voice that says 'give up' can also be trained to say 'keep going'.

Starting something new can be intimidating, but, you don't have to touch your toes, just come with an open mind. Give it a go. The yoga will meet you where you are. Catering for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned yogis.
Come hydrated, wear comfortable clothing, and bring with you a towel and water - yoga mats are provided complimentary so you can arrive light.




Kate’s yoga class ‘TwoTwentySix’ is choreographed from the Bikram Yoga Method which is always the same sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a room which is ‘warm’, no more than 30 degrees.

Students of all levels and ages will benefit from this total body workout, designed to encourage you to build a lean, strong body and develop a powerful mind-body connection through physical exertion and therapeutic instruction, reshaping & healing your body as well as relieving stress & tension. 




Kates #Movetogether Bikram Method class is a practice of self-study through physical movement as she guides you to stay with yourself through both intensity and stillness. Join Kate on the mat to change the way your mind talks to your body. This Class will hold only 7 students with Kate practicing along side you. Zero experience required.
Join Kate on the mat and allow your intention lead you.

Move with me, all you need is two things. Your feet on your mat.