It is that time of year where often our work schedule becomes overloaded, social engagements are multiplying and we are getting ready for the holiday rush... which tends to put exercise on the backburner...
Time is scarce this time of year, but there are so many good reasons to make yourself and your health a priority, in-fact it's the best gift you could give yourself. Getting out there and moving your body, not only helps you feel good, but it can help alleviate holiday stress. Instead of looking at your fitness regime as a time-sucker, look at it as necessary relief.

Move to reset, to get inspired and to feel good, and make it fun by choosing activities you enjoy, especially with the warmer weather, there are so many options available to you, even if you need to adjust things a little, just 30 minutes is better than forgoing your routine altogether!

SO... here is my encouragement to you...  try to schedule 'YOU' time in this summer to do some sort of exercise every day. Push 'pause' on the cyclone of busy.. whether it is joining me on the mat at The Sweat Life, heading to the park, or simply creating a personal mini retreat for yourself at home to move your body. It will help ground you, calm you, and make you feel good, especially if you can slip in a little Yoga, which truly is a different form of fitness and movement because it can help you find space, to reflect, centre and breath. For me, this process is essential, as my moving meditation. 

Most importantly be kind to yourself. None of us are perfect and some days you'll nail it and other days your health and fitness regime might take a back seat because life and the festive season gets in the way. And that's ok, it's a constant balancing act and you just get back on board the next day. Most of us are still trying to find the right balance and sometimes it's a struggle but the mere fact that you are consciously setting out on a health journey at all is amazing.

- Kate Lillian Burford - 

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