- the season full of transformations; symbolizing the revival of life -

They call this life a “journey” for a reason – none of us are perfect, some days you’ll feel on track and other days your health might take a back seat because life gets in the way…. Life moves fast, and we all move fast to keep up, and so finding the right balance is sometimes challenging. We can all be a little too hard on ourselves when we haven’t stuck with our goals, or routines, which can discourage us from getting back on track.Self-compassion and treating yourself as you would a friend will help you get to your goal if it’s somewhere you honestly want to arrive.

Spring can be a blossoming opportunity for a fresh start, to find balance when it comes to food, social engagement, physical activity and work, becoming happy with yourself and content with your daily routine, sneaking in the things you enjoy and putting in the extra 'sweat' to make things feel good, because they can be…

Try scheduling time for yourself to do what you love, actually put it in your diary to help you establish a routine. Make yourself a priority. It is very empowering to feel in control of the things you choose to do for yourself. 

Over the past few months I have really loved teaching at The Sweat Life, to be able to help and observe students reaching new platforms within their yoga practice, and seeing them enjoy it so much is why I love to teach. It’s an incredibly fulfilling feeling. It sounds cheesy, but helping other people feel good both in mind and body is the secret to a lot of my own happiness. Being able to share something everyday to make someone else’s life feel better, whether it is teaching a yoga class, or encouraging individuals to harness their own abilities to make changes in their wellness habits is a really special thing to be able to do. 

Achieving wellness and balance is truly a lifelong quest. Your attention is your currency, practice how you spend it, save it, give it... Be playful, move your body daily, eat well, relax, and 'under-think' it all…. something I’m working on!

Enjoy the new, fresh feeling of Spring and let it inspire you.

- Kate Lillian Burford - 

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