For the days you don’t think you can show up, but you do… I believe these are the days that count the most. It is okay to not be okay...

The truth is; my world has changed in the most unthinkable way, it is hard to comprehend, to understand, to take in, and this tragedy will change my life forever... living without my dad will be like living without a lung, everyday, for the rest of my life, how quickly and permanently our lives can change. 

I have been doing my best to show up daily, in life and on my mat to move through what weighs heavily on my heart and mind, using my practice as a gateway to breathe, and to allow myself to catch moments and memories out of the corner of my eye, to feel, at times smile at a memory, or be overwhelmed and knocked down by it... my yoga practice has always moved me, changed me, and still continues to affect my everyday… it is a part of my process, my moving meditation, when I try to pull myself together, to surrender, let go - to try and trust the process and take a 'deep breath’...

Genuinely, thank you all once again, I climb a little mountain each day, and I have been so moved by all your messages over these past few weeks, even if I can't always reply to all of you individually, they mean a lot, and your support is truly helping me. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful community, who support me and my work, but most of all connect with it and understand.

Thank you for showing up for me, for joining me on the mat and most importantly for reminding me I have something special to show up for ♡

I wanted to share this piece of music someone close to me on the week of Dads passing sent me… I have truly listened to it everyday since, it's pretty special that music and songs can capture our emotions and mirror our own feelings so perfectly. "When words fail music speaks" .... I hope you enjoy it.


Again, thank you so much everyone for all your beautiful messages... I am honestly so touched by everyone's support and kindness, it means a great deal to me. 

Aroha nui. 
xox Kate

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