Every year I try to get-away…running your own 7 day-a-week business - even in Yoga, can be exhausting! My idea of a perfect holiday is to go somewhere where I can learn something new, and be inspired. Yoga is almost always interlaced into my daily pursuits and it's usually just the thing to get me back on track to productivity. 

This year, I have returned to LUXYOGA in the South of France with my family, a yoga retreat, which has for the second time shaped one of the most pleasurable holidays I've ever taken. LUXYOGA is privately owned by Benjamin Sears and was opened in 2007 in collaboration with Craig Villani.

Craig Villani ran my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training alongside Bikram back in 2007, and since then he has become a teacher I have aspired to learn from. He knew how to challenge you, and inspire you to reach further, everyone always left his class with a new sense of self and a great feeling of accomplishment. 

As a Yoga Teacher and Studio Owner, it is so important to continue to learn and study with the teachers who have inspired your journey, which, is why I was lead all the way to Nice in the first place… and what I got out of this amazing retreat was absolutely worth the 35 hours of travel…learning from two remarkable teachers and mentors, Benjamin Sears and Craig Villani.

During my week at LUXYOGA we practiced Bikram’s Method daily, infused with posture clinics, photo analysis, and personal instruction on how to evolve both physically and emotionally through your practice. I have come away again, with so much personally, but also nourished with so much to share with my students, when I return home. 

Then there is the space where all the magic happens, a 10,000 square foot private villa, with a view to die for, you are literally on top of nature, overlooking the beauty of the French Riveria. You are welcomed with open arms by Ben, Craig and Dan - who is the ticking heart of your stay at LUXYOGA. Everyone is so accommodating, and you feel like you’re at home. There is no better place to unwind, be inspired and make new friends.

We were spoilt with world-class cuisine prepared by a private chef who sources organic ingredients daily from local markets, always served with rare local wines, which I admit I did forgo, but I did take my bottle of Tequila, which I occasionally slipped into my evening soda, as you do! 
Everything at LUXYOGA has been organized, right down to the last detail, which I love… it’s all in the details, and there is no stone left unturned of your experience here, all you really have to do is be willing to experience what LUXYOGA has to offer. And what I’ve just described to you is truly just the tip of the iceberg. This place takes your breath away. 

I’m not coming home! …. Well, ok, I’m coming home, but it’s nice to know there are places in the world, where you can break out of routine and go gain inspiration in everyway possible, I am so grateful to Benjamin, Craig, Dan and everyone who comes together to make LUXYOGA such a special place to visit. 

See you in a few days Bikram Yoga Christchurch!

xo Kate Lillian Burford

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