Bikram Yoga Christchurch recently had the pleasure of training a platoon from the New Zealand Army at the studio. The group ranged from the ages of 18 to 30 years old, all open-minded and ready for the challenge ahead of them. Over the last few weeks they have been doing some intense physical conditioning including lugging logs down the beach and mixed martial arts, in addition to recreational activities like paintball and hiking. They were keen to try a new form of exercise and only a few of them had practiced the series previously before.
We interviewed Sam who gave us his reflections on the class and his first experience with Bikram yoga. He had no expectations before coming to the studio and had only been told the series is practiced in a fairly warm room. From the beginning the postures proved to him, as well as others, that he has a lot of flexibility to gain. He enjoyed the physical challenge of each posture, but he found the biggest benefit to be in the mental aspect of the practice. “The most challenging part of the yoga was the mental challenge it gave me to stay focused”.
Everyone enjoyed the sequence and cited that Standing Bow was the most popular posture in conversation after class. All of the one-legged balancing postures in fact proved to increase their discipline and determination, something this group is well acquainted with already. These new movements and stretches have triggered a positive impact on the group and they’ve even joked about adding this series to their overall training. Sam also noted that he enjoyed the effects of recovery and recuperation after plenty of slogging –as he puts it.
Sam sees this series as a potential to prevent and heal injuries, improve his balance and increase his concentration. Overall he and his colleagues are up for the challenge again, and we hope to see them back in the room soon too! 

- Written by Lauryn Jones - 

Kate BurfordComment