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74 Victoria Street
Christchurch Central, Canterbury, 8013
New Zealand

+64 21 2442842

THE SWEAT LIFE with Kate is a new yoga and fitness studio expressing the powerful connection between body and mind. Kate believes the way we move and nourish ourselves is the mirror for how we live. 
Everyone, at some point, is called upon to start a new journey, and after eight phenomenal years of owning and running Bikram Yoga Christchurch, Kate has now opened The Sweat Life, a small boutique space where she can continue to teach breath centered movement, precise alignment and mind-body connection. 
Continually studying, and refining, she keeps her students motivated while sharpening their kinesthetic awareness both in and outside of the classroom.



'Open yourself up to change'

A Moment With Kate

After immersing myself in owning and running Bikram Yoga Christchurch for over 8 years, my life was propelled into making a change and figuring out my future direction, and... change is always challenging at first, a little messy in the middle, but in trusting the process, I am now incorporating all the things I am passionate about with Art and Design, empowered by my love for Bikrams Method of Yoga and now coupling that with all I have learned in graduating as an Integrative Holistic Nutritionist - where my aim is to not only offer nutritional advice, but guide people to create healthy lifestyle habits and achieve balance in both mind and body.

THE SWEAT LIFE with K8, is a small boutique space I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to create, where I can personally continue to do what I love; to teach The Bikram Method, breath centered movement, athletic prowess and encourage, educate, share and inspire the quest we all seek for wellness and health. I hope to see you pop in from time to time to join me on the mat, bending, stretching and twisting as a tool to see our minds more clearly, open our hearts more deeply, transforming our relationship with ourselves.

If you would like to book a yoga class, book online here under ‘The Sweat Life’, or if you are interested in a nutrition consultation, or would like more information on developing a design concept contact me.

In loving memory of my Dad: James Ryder Burford - 1944 -2017

In loving memory of my Dad: James Ryder Burford - 1944 -2017

Dear Dad; Thank you for the moments I keep catching out of the corner of my eye. Thank you for the love I still feel even though I can no longer see. And thank you for building our special yoga space for us to play in... we miss you on the mat with us.
- This man was truly amazing, and I am so grateful to him for everything he did for me to make me who I am today. He will be forever in my heart. x Kate

Level 2, 74 Victoria Street
(entrance at Apollo Power Yoga : 46 Salisbury Street, next to Spice Paragon

Contact Kate : 021 244 2842