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THE SWEAT LIFE with Kate is a new yoga and fitness studio expressing the powerful connection between body and mind. Kate believes the way we move and nourish ourselves is the mirror for how we live. 
Everyone, at some point, is called upon to start a new journey, and after eight phenomenal years of owning and running Bikram Yoga Christchurch, Kate has now opened The Sweat Life, a small boutique space where she can continue to teach breath centered movement, precise alignment and mind-body connection. 
Continually studying, and refining, she keeps her students motivated while sharpening their kinesthetic awareness both in and outside of the classroom.


Gut Healing Bone Broth

Kate Burford

Not only is bone broth your new-age BFF for warmth and energy, it’s also one of the most important foods for gut health. A long simmered bone broth is a source of gelatin and collagen that helps heal the gut. It’s also full of easy to absorb minerals which the body needs for healing.. You can easily freeze bone broth for later in ice cube trays or large quart containers, so you’ll have a go-to detox drink whenever you need it.

Bone broth benefits include: Improving digestive functions. Great for your skin. It supplies important minerals. It helps develop lean muscle. Detoxifying for the liver and digestive system. Boosts immunity and it can help to improve sleep and memory. 

With so many health benefits, it's a daily go too! 


Approximately 2kg mixed bones (heads, feet, marrow, knuckles, etc.) chicken, beef, fish, or venison (skim all fat off broth if using venison)
1 carrot
1 onion
Splash raw apple cider vinegar
1 litre water
Sea salt, peppercorns, turmeric and bay leaf to taste

Step one:

Place all ingredients in a large stock pot and set out at room temperature for an hour. This begins the process of leaching the minerals from the bones.

Step two:

Move pot to the burner and place over medium heat to create a low simmer. Ideally around 180˚F, which is just barely bubbling.

Step three:

Keep at this temperature for at least 12 hours, but as long as 72. Film will collect on the surface and you can remove as necessary with a spoon.

Step four:

Strain out the bones and vegetable material and move liquid to storage containers, or freeze for later.

Alternate Method
Place all ingredients in a crock pot, and simmer on low heat for one day. From this, you can remove and filter the liquid into jars, then add more water and simmer for another day. Repeat until bones are falling apart.