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74 Victoria Street
Christchurch Central, Canterbury, 8013
New Zealand

+64 21 2442842

THE SWEAT LIFE with Kate is a new yoga and fitness studio expressing the powerful connection between body and mind. Kate believes the way we move and nourish ourselves is the mirror for how we live. 
Everyone, at some point, is called upon to start a new journey, and after eight phenomenal years of owning and running Bikram Yoga Christchurch, Kate has now opened The Sweat Life, a small boutique space where she can continue to teach breath centered movement, precise alignment and mind-body connection. 
Continually studying, and refining, she keeps her students motivated while sharpening their kinesthetic awareness both in and outside of the classroom.



Kate Burford

The theory behind fascia, which is a network of connective tissue surrounding all the body's internal components, is the primary conduit for the flow of the electrical energy, (Chi to the Chinese), throughout the entire body, it weaves us together on the inside. Emotions are this same energy - in motion and it is suggested that repressed emotions result in energy blockages within the fascia which results in a variety of physical ailments and injuries. "Issues in our tissues"...

Here is an interesting insight to what Fascia is all about and how your Yoga practice can unlock so much within your body, because everything is connected. If you have a second, have a read!