A little about me.



Since 2008, for 8 phenomenal years, I solely owned and ran Bikram Yoga Christchurch until 2016 when a personal illness brought a sudden and unexpected change within myself, and my impulse was to reinvent my lifestyle, because if I wanted to heal, I knew I had to let go of this chapter and change up the narrative of my life, and to also find some balance, both internally and externally.

I love this! “Your attention is your currency, practice how you spend it, save it, give it.” …One of my favorite phrases to live by, I truly believe that life has a way of navigating us in the direction we want to go, and above all I am eternally grateful to my Dad who has loved me and supported me in pursuing my dreams. He built our yoga studios for us to play in, and was always on the mat, loving the community that was bought together.

My adult life has always revolved around being a designer, artist, yogini and business owner. After graduating from the School of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design I worked several years in advertising and as a graphic designer and photographer for magazines, while pursuing freelance design jobs until today. I then continued study to earn Diplomas in fitness and sports science, completing Bikrams teacher training in 2007 and earning a Diploma in integrative nutrition and health coaching. I have trained with numerous teachers, continually studying, and refining my knowledge of yoga and holistic nutrition and the valuable connection between our bodies, minds, energies and health.


For me, living and working mindfully, taking yoga off the mat, with professional and personal values that are in sync with it’s teachings is the key to unlocking opportunities so that what I share and create reflects my own highest understanding of what I am learning from my studies and experience in life. Having been though life-changing loss, and many personal challenges, I personally understand that life is about trying to find balance, and like most people this is still and will possibly always be my biggest work-in-progress.

When you love your work, it’s not work; and I am a huge believer in teaching by example and ‘walking the talk’, incorporating mindfulness into the choices I make. As a designer, I am a visual person, and finding a union between being a designer, a holistic nutritionist, health coach and yoga teacher came naturally because they all evoke meaning, change and transformation through creating a vision - and while executing an idea may take a lot of work and dedication, if you visualise and persevere, something that starts as an idea or thought is suddenly attainable.

I think it is important for all of us to find what inspires us most and figure out a way of incorporating it into daily life and I’m grateful to be doing the work that I love, to be able to share it, while still growing myself each and every day.

Holistic Nutritionist + Health Coach
Bikram Yoga Teacher