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Yoga for everyone. [Getting active] is about you carving out your lifestyle and  enjoying the process of it…

Holistic nutrition

Discover what good nutrition means for you, learn how to use food as medicine and rely on me to support your journey towards improved health



As a Designer, I like to create a story which resonates with the energy of the subject or client and develop solutions to inspire people



"My association with Kate and Bikram Yoga started about 10 years ago just before I turned 50. Yoga provided the perfect balance. I became a regular and with Kate's guidance, encouragement and help I improved immensely.  She is an amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge and has such dedication to all her students.  I have been so lucky to benefit from this.

I totally believe I would not be playing squash now if I didn't practice yoga - it is and will always be a continuing part of my life - I have tried other yoga but for me the rapport I have with Kate and the structure of Bikram suits me perfectly.

Kate is a wonderful person, very creative and an astute business women, but to me her biggest attribute is that she cares! .

See you at " The Sweat Life"

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In loving memory

 I climbed a little mountain this year, to a time when there weren't enough tissues in the world.

My wonderful Dad, gosh, what can I say...
Thank you for the moments I keep catching out of the corner of my eye. Thank you for the love I still feel even though I can no longer see. And thank you for building our special yoga space for us to play in... we miss your being on the mat with us. 
Everything happened so quickly, but I am so grateful to you dad for everything you have done for me to make me who I am today.

Always and forever in my heart.
Aug 8, 1944 - July 10, 2017




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